2011 m. gegužės 30 d., pirmadienis

The Kooks - Young folks

I drink my freedom water. It’s more sweet than others’. I walk easily and feel elegance. I live my life freely and I know that it’s my happiness.


2011 m. gegužės 29 d., sekmadienis

Jesse Garon - Lucky Dom Dom

2011 m. gegužės 28 d., šeštadienis

2011 m. gegužės 26 d., ketvirtadienis

That’s it. I attained my 18 birthday, although it seemed that it will never attain. It was difficult to believe that my birthday is right now! Nice age. My heart is beating, I love that all lovely people, whose greeted me today sincerely. They made me happy, they brought me good feelings, nostalgia, reverie. It is very important to feel that u are necessary. A lot of thanks for them.

P.S. Today I said goodbye for my vocal teacher. My mum cried because of that. I learned with this teacher more than 5 years. Everything is changing. That‘s how we live. Strange, nostalgic and sensitive. Thank you, my buddies


2011 m. gegužės 24 d., antradienis

2011 m. gegužės 23 d., pirmadienis

Wow… Today I had so much impressions and adventures that I am too full of everything. It was good experience, I am thousands  of times astonished by a lot of people today, so I’m sitting here with my poped eyes, listening to lilting music, drinking coffee, eating caramel pie and trying to relax instead of analysing too much events of this day. Join me, my dearest readers.


2011 m. gegužės 22 d., sekmadienis

my singing for YOU today

2011 m. gegužės 20 d., penktadienis

today I made pasta from Paris

Hello, my friends,

Today I cooked pasta which I got as a gift from my friend which had a journey in Paris. So my pasta is directly from Paris. :) I made some photos with them. It was delicious! ♥