2011 m. spalio 23 d., sekmadienis

2011 m. spalio 18 d., antradienis

Beautiful things

2011 m. spalio 2 d., sekmadienis


- I don't like rap music at all. I don't think it's music. It's just a beat and rapping.
Nina Simone

- Jazz is a white term to define black people. My music is black classical music.
Nina Simone

you're so bad that I love you

Gorgeous fashion is bad for me because I love it too much! I would be happy if I could have all clothes in the world, but it's just one of the millions illusion I have. Whatever, today I celebrated my grandmothers' birthday and socialized with my big family: my sister, her husband, their children, my cousins, their parents, my parents, my grandmother, her brother with his wife. It was wonderful to be with them, I took a few photos of them, but everything is in film, so I have to wait till I'll see those photos. Have enjoyable look in my blog! see you, R